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Calgary Childrens Dentist

Pediatric Dentistry Services

At Northern Hills Dental, our qualified team recognizes the unique dental needs of children. We offer comprehensive pediatric dentistry services designed to foster a positive relationship with dental health from a young age. Our services range from routine check-ups to more specialized procedures, ensuring your child's dental care is in expert hands.

Calgary Dentist Specializing in Children

Our dedicated pediatric dentists, including Dr. Yana Farage and her team, specialize in treating young patients. They understand the intricacies of growing teeth and gums and are skilled at creating a calming and engaging environment for children during their visit.

Importance of Early Dental Care for Kids

Early dental care plays a pivotal role in a child's overall health. It not only helps in identifying and treating issues like cavities or misaligned teeth early but also instills good oral hygiene habits. Our team emphasizes preventive care and education to support a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Finding the Right Children's Dentist in Calgary

Finding a dentist that your child feels comfortable with is essential. At Northern Hills Dental, our friendly staff and child-friendly office make dental visits a positive experience for both parents and children alike, ensuring they look forward to their appointments.

Child-friendly Dental Offices in Calgary

Our clinic is designed with children in mind, from the waiting area to the treatment rooms. We've created a welcoming and fun atmosphere that helps alleviate the anxiety often associated with visiting the dentist.

Tips for Preparing Your Child for a Dental Visit

  • Talk to your child about the importance of dental health in an age-appropriate manner.
  • Encourage positive attitudes by avoiding negative words related to dental visits.
  • Consider a pre-visit to the clinic to familiarize your child with the environment.

Common Pediatric Dental Procedures

From preventative cleanings to treating cavities with fillings, our team is equipped to handle a variety of pediatric dental procedures. We also offer fluoride treatments and dental sealants to protect young teeth from decay.

Preventive Dental Care for Children

Preventive care is the cornerstone of pediatric dentistry. Regular check-ups allow us to monitor your child's oral health development closely and provide guidance on proper brushing and flossing techniques.

Benefits of Regular Dental Check-ups for Kids

Regular dental visits help in early detection of potential issues, reducing the need for more extensive treatment down the line. These check-ups also reinforce the importance of oral hygiene, contributing to healthier habits as your child grows.

Cost of Children's Dental Services in Calgary

We understand that the cost of dental care can be a concern for families. That's why Northern Hills Dental follows the current Alberta Dental Fee Guide to ensure our services are transparently priced and accessible. Our administrative team is also available to assist with insurance and billing queries to help manage the cost of your child's dental care.

At Northern Hills Dental, our mission is to provide exceptional pediatric dentistry services in a warm, welcoming environment. We're dedicated to making dental visits a positive experience for children and parents alike, promoting lifelong oral health. Contact us today to schedule your child's next dental appointment and give them the gift of a healthy smile.

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