Giving Back To Our Community!

Community Outreach

We love our community and our kids! As part of our Community Involvement Outreach and Oral Health program, we gladly come to your school to do presentations for pre-schools, kindergarten, grade 1 and 2 children. This is to ensure that our kids have a basic understanding of good oral health care. The kids love our interactive visits, and we encourage you to contact us if your school is interested in having us come for a presentation.

Here are some schools we have presented at:

  • Chief Justice Milivan School
  • Panorama After School Program
  • St. Pius School
  • Calgary Child’s Play
  • Calgary Alliance Preschool/Kindergarden
  • St. Luke’s Catholic School
  • ESG Playcare Center
  • Calgary Montessori School
  • Our Lady of Grace Catholic School
  • Grey Matter Montessori
  • Alphabet Soup Preschool – Now Closed
  • Renert School
  • Curiosity Corner Preschool
  • St. Clare Elementary School

Smile Clinics for the Alex Bus

Northern Hills Dental is also proud to be a “Smiles Clinic” in conjunction with the Alex Community Bus. The Alex Bus is a mobile health unit that goes to schools in vulnerable neighborhoods, educating, doing sealants and fluoride treatments. They identify kids in need, and are able to guide those in need to government programs they could qualify for.

Some Pictures of Our Team in Action!

Other Causes We Support!

The World Partnership walk is a cause that we are passionate about. We are proudly sponsoring them. To learn more about this cause, please go to

WE LOVE SOCCER, and are proud to be the sponsor for the entire Northern Hills Community Soccer League. We are so happy to be able to support our community in this way.

Additionally we also support:

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