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NE Calgary Dentist

NE Calgary Dentist

Monterey Dental’s NE Calgary dentist offers a wide range of dental services in order to meet the needs of every member of your family. They’re able to provide their clients with almost any general family and orthodontic dental service that’s available today.


At Monterey Dental, their goal is to deliver comprehensive general dental services as well as eliminate dental concerns for patients throughout their lifetime. The following list will give you a better idea of the services available from the NE Calgary dentist:


- Children’s dentistry: For the health of your child’s teeth and gums from infancy throughout adulthood, Monterey Dental provides education to you and your child so that you can continue with proper hygiene at home, helping your child learn that oral health can be enjoyable.


- Cosmetic Botox: Monterey’s NE Calgary dentist now offers Botox treatment to relax muscles and decrease pain. Botox Cosmetic is a quick, relatively painless and non-invasive treatment that has numerous therapeutic and cosmetic uses in dentistry.


- Restorative dentistry: As providers of Cosmetic dentistry, Monterey Dental offers cosmetic and restorative dental options for patients who wish to enhance or completely redesign the look of their smile. The NE Calgary Cosmetic dentist provides teeth whitening, dental crowns, dental bridges, porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, orthodontics, and cosmetic & therapeutic Botox.


- Emergency dentistry: For after-hours and weekends when a dental emergency occurs, Monterey Dental Centre is pleased to provide full emergency dentistry care for current patients as well as others who may not be able to see their own dentist in a timely fashion.


- Orthodontic dentistry: Orthodontic dentistry aims to correct the malalignment of your teeth and jaw. Monterey’s NE Calgary dentist offers Invisalign invisible braces, wire braces, wisdom teeth extraction, oral surgery, sports mouthguards, and snore guards.


- Sedation dentistry: For patients who are anxious about seeing the dentist or having treatment performed, Monterey Dental offers sedation dentistry. you can trust the NE Calgary dentist to help you manage your dental fears and help you move forward on a path to optimal oral health. Sedation dentistry can help you take the necessary steps to get the dental care you need.


- Dental implants: For missing teeth, dental implants can replace the space of a single missing tooth or multiple teeth. Dental implants are made from titanium metal or ceramic and are surgically implanted into the jawbone. After a healing period, they are fitted with a dental crown or bridge to complete the restoration.


- Root Canal: Monterey’s NE Calgary dentist offers root canal therapy to treat the nerve inside the tooth, reducing the need for extracting the affected tooth. While the traditional myth with regard to root canal therapy is that it is extremely painful, the truth is that it relieves pain and discomfort from abscessed and infected teeth. 


To make a new patient appointment with the NE Calgary dentist from Monterey Dental Centre, please call 403-293-7818 or visit online at where you can fill out new patient forms and save time while you are in the office.


Monterey Dental’s team looks forward to providing you and your family with exceptional dental care, for the brightest smile possible.

NE Calgary Dentist
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