Free online orthodontic consultation

Braces require significant time and cost. Devices may be in place for over three years and cost upwards of $5000. It is essential to understand your needs before even setting foot in an orthodontists office. Our free online orthodontic consultation assesses your situation and creates an initial quote at your convenience.


Why should I wear braces?


Braces correct cosmetic and even significant issues. Adults and children alike use these devices to improve their health and well-being. Only 80 percent of people wearing braces are between the ages of six and eighteen with some specialists catering equally to children and adults.


These devices resolve many issues such as crooked teeth, abnormal palate development in children, and crossbites or overbites. Looking your best improves confidence. However, chewing properly increases the nutritional value of food.


Many reasons exist to obtain braces for both children and adults. Crooked teeth threaten the rest of your mouth, and losing baby teeth too early effects how your adult set grows. Early loss meanst that teeth erupt in premature gums. Adults may wish to correct long-standing issues.


Mainly children benefit from Phase One orthodontic treatment. In this part of the process, specialists look for specific problems. Palate expansion devices and braces are often prescribed at this stage.


Who can I contact to receive braces?


Orthodontists receive three years of education after graduating from dental school. These experts learn how to spot and address even the most complex cases. Unlike general dentists, they prescribe and tune your treatment as you progress through various phases.


Our website offers a directory of orthodontists near you. It is essential to find a specialist whom you can share your mouth with. If you choose to receive braces, it is likely that you will see these experts for years with visits occurring every four to six months. Picking a qualified doctor whom you like ensures success in the process.


Are there options that are less visible?


Several forms of braces exist. These are the traditional metal, ceramic, and even invisible devices.


Adults who must travel to work may wish to use the ceramic or invisible forms. However, these types of braces are not as efficient as the metal variant. Invisible types are also more expensive than traditional braces.


How can I find out if I need braces?


With thousands of dollars spent on a single set of braces, it is important to understand the process thoroughly. Our website offers a free consultation and quote. We connect you with qualified professionals who may ask for photographs to better assess your situation and estimate the cost of treatment.


If you decide to continue, an office visit is required. There your local doctor performs x-rays and further refines their assessment.


SelectBraces partners with trained professionals to ensure that you receive the best and most ethical assessments. Our reviews allow you to discover the best provider for you. To find out if you are a fit for braces, use our website for a free online orthodontic consultation.

Free online orthodontic consultation
Free online orthodontic consultation
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