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ED medication Toronto

ED medication Toronto

OnMen is a top-rated telemedicine company specializing in ED medication in Toronto. We offer highly effective erectile dysfunction diagnosis and treatments in Toronto, ON, provided by a team of skilled physicians and health professionals. Our doctors can provide answers for some of your most significant questions such as “Can I get erectile dysfunction medication over-the-counter?' or  “Is Viagra available over-the-counter in Canada?”.

Top reasons to buy our erectile dysfunction medication 

We are a pioneer telemedicine company with a team of highly skilled Canadian licensed healthcare professionals who are dedicated to providing you with the best treatments for your condition. Our physicians offer comprehensive diagnosis after a thorough analysis of the patient's health condition and medical needs. Our ED medication, Sildenafil, is an active ingredient in Viagra. Sildenafil is FDA approved for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Our pills are the cheapest on the market and cost $115 per box of 12 pills (40mg each). We custom compound your prescription to respond to your needs and ensure the best results. All our customers have access to automatic refills once every three months, and we ship the pills in discreet packaging delivered to your doorstep, saving you the trouble of having to pick up your prescription at a drugstore.

Treatment for erectile dysfunction 

The way we treat ED depends on the underlying cause behind your symptoms. While medication is a proven and highly effective solution for ED, patients may require a combination of treatments such as testosterone therapy, talk therapy, vacuum pumps, etc. Our team of licensed physicians only prescribes Sildenafil after a thorough medical consultation and an online assessment of each patient. We customize the Sildenafil medication based on the medical issues of each patient.

Sildenafil works by stimulating blood flow to the male sex organs which improves sexual performance. On the other hand, testosterone therapy improves low levels of testosterone and helps patients overcome ED. Sometimes stress, anxiety, depression, and PTSD can affect sexual performance in men. For this reason, our team of physicians offers counselling over several sessions to help men overcome emotional disturbances. Our physicians may also direct you to a relationship counsellor if you need help in connecting with your partner on a physical and emotional realm.

What makes us the top choice for erectile dysfunction treatment in Toronto?

We understand how agonizing it can be for you to visit a sex clinic for erectile dysfunction issues. The physical exam can be extremely uncomfortable and awkward, and picking up your prescription from a drugstore can be a whole other problem. To save you from such troubles, we offer online consultation with health experts and doctors who specialize in treating ED. Our products are 100% safe from side-effects, and we offer delivery of your medications to your door in discreet packaging.

Get ahold of the most effective ED medication in Toronto at Our team of experienced ED doctors at OnMen offer online consultation for your sex-related problems and prescribe you with the best treatment personalized to your needs. Get your medication from us today at the lowest prices.

ED medication Toronto

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ED medication Toronto



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