Baby Sleep Training Surrey

Baby Sleep Training Surrey

Tips On Baby Sleep Training In Surrey

It is quite important to learn some baby sleep training tips in Surrey because it is a stage you will pass through as a nursing mother. You will find it rather difficult if you indulge your baby to wake up anytime of the day and also sleep anytime. It won’t conform to your own sleeping pattern.

Baby sleep training in Surrey is the process of gradually changing the sleeping pattern and attitude of your baby to give you some time to rest and some space. While your baby’s sleep is very important, yours is equally important if not more. Sleep is not just an option, it is a necessity for you and your baby.

Important baby sleep training tips

Here are some important baby sleep training tips in Surrey that can be helpful.

The first step is to regulate his sleeping pattern both in the day and in the night. Initially, all your baby will be doing is to sleep, sleep, and sleep. Only hunger and some other kinds of discomfort would wake him up and when the issue is fixed, he gets back to sleep. But once he clocks one month, his sleeping pattern will begin to change. It will no longer be eat and sleep as usual.

This is when the training should start by regulating his sleeping pattern. Babies with irregular sleeping pattern can be a little difficult to train.

While some mothers believe that tired babies sleep longer and more easily, experts confirmed otherwise. According to experts, tired babies find it more difficult to sleep so they even sleep less. It is better to train your baby to sleep earlier because babies that sleep earlier have been found to sleep longer. Hence, it may be a good idea to put your baby to bed between 6.30pm and 7pm.

If your baby sleeps much later, you should not change the time abruptly. It may be counterproductive. You should change it gradually. For instance, if your baby sleeps around 10pm, it is not a good idea to just change it to 7pm. It won’t even work like that.

Instead, you should put him to bed about 15 minutes earlier. That means you should reduce it to 9.45pm and continue to maintain 9.45pm every day until he gets a little comfortable with it, then you can reduce it further by another 15 minutes and push it for some days. So, you should continue until you get to 7pm.

Create a bedtime routine and stick to it. The best bedtime routines are the ones that begin with a bath. It could be followed by a series of lullabies. There are numerous baby apps with wonderful lullabies. There is nothing wrong with you singing the songs but remember, it is not every time that you will be strong enough to sing for long. And he could get used to your voice.

When he grows older, the lullaby can be replaced with reading of storybooks or storytelling. While some mothers include propping or rocking to the routine, experts say it is not advisable as rocking your baby to sleep is more of an induced sleep. It is better to allow the sleep come naturally.


You should understand that your first bedtime routine may not work as different routines work for different babies so you need to try several routines until you get it right.


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